Nokia Unveil New Mini Laptop

Nokia seems doesn’t want to miss a bite on recently booming Netbook market share. Although they didn’t call their product as a Netbook but its technical specification is fit as a Netbook.

As the new Nokia Booklet 3G comes from a telecommunication company which manufacture handphone, it comes with a 3G/HSDPA modem that can be used to connect to the internet using mobile broadband service provider. It comes with Wi-Fi so you can connect to the internet while you hanging out in café, Starbuck or other public places.

The Booklet is powered by Intel Atom processor and battery life that claimed to be last for 12 hours of normal daily use. The display is a clear 10.1 inch HD display with HDMI port for HD video out. With the weight only 1.25 Kilogram, 264 mm x 185 mm x 19.9 mm size make it small and light enough to be carried hence increasing your mobility.

Nokia Booklet 3G also have A-GPS feature with OVI Maps from Nokia, it can help you finding direction. The Bluetooth feature makes it easier for you to synchronize between your Booklet and your mobile phone or PDA.

Nokia Booklet 3G

Nokia Booklet 3G

Below is the promotional video of Nokia Booklet 3G

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