Using Meebo as All in One Instant Messaging

Meebo is a web based instant messaging client build by a startup company in September 2005. Meebo is using the AJAX technology to build a web based all in one instant messaging.

As an all in one web messenger, Meebo currently support more than 50 instant messenger networks including: Yahoo, MSN, AIM, ICQ, Facebook, MySpace, Jabber, Google Talk, etc. Meebo also has been translated into 27 languages by its growing user’s community.

The benefit of using Meebo is the ability to login to multiple instant messenger accounts at once and at one browser’s tab. As majority of computer users nowadays are using web browser, by using Meebo it’s also reducing the computer’s resource usage because users doesn’t need to run multiple instant messenger applications.

Meebo Login Page

Meebo Login Page

Other benefit is you can online from an internet café, office, home or library and still having all your chat history with you.

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