Swiftpoint Smallest Wireless Notebook Mouse

The Swiftpoint mouse is the smallest mouse you can find. It’s designed to mimic the way you handle a pen, so imagine using this small mouse like you using your pen. It has left and right-click buttons and a scroll wheel same as a traditional mouse.

Swiftpoint mouse comes with micro USB dock for charging its battery and wireless operation. The wireless receiver can work up to 10 meters. Its RapidCharge feature gives you up to an hour of usage for a 30 seconds charging while at full charge (90 minutes) the battery can last for 2 – 4 weeks of normal use.

A real Plug-and-Play mouse, you don’t need to install software or driver to use Swiftpoint mouse. With its micro USB dock all you need is plug the micro USB to your laptop/notebook/netbook and forget about it.

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