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Adsense Trick to Improve Suggested Ads

Placing ads on your website using Google Adsense is easy you just need to copy the javascript code that provided by Google and viola ads starting to show up on your website. Related ads with your website content usually show up after a few hours after you put the Adsense code on your website. There is some trick to improve this related ads to be more related to your content.

For example you have a blog with a possibitity for visitors to put comment on your articles, since Adsense shows related ads to your website content there is possibility that the ads being shown is actually more related to the comment’s keywords instead of your original blog post’s keywords.

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Adding Watermark to Your Photos

Adding watermark such as “Copyright Your Name” to your photos is always nice thing to do as people that downloading your photos from image hosting like flickr or deviantart will know from who they take the photo.

While adding watermark can be done using image editing software like Adobe Photoshop or GIMP, it’s a tedious task if you want to add watermark to many photos. An easier way to do watermarking is by using Google Picasa, here is how to do it:

1. Open Google Picasa and select the images that you want to add watermark on it. You can select multiple images by press and hold the Ctrl key while you clicking on the images.

2. Click Export button on Google Picasa panel.

Google Picasa Panel

Google Picasa Panel

3. Select your export destination (here is the folder where the images with watermark will be saved). Select the image size and quality.

4. Give check on “Add a watermark” checkbox and type the watermark text you want.

Google Picasa Watermark

Google Picasa Watermark

5. Click on OK.

Here is an example of a photo with watermark added using Google Picasa.

the Lamp

the Lamp