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Accepting Credit Card Payment for Your Online Business

Either you are a freelancer, web designer, web hoster, online shop owner or service provider that sell services online, accepting credit card as payment method would be a benefit. By accepting credit card as payment method you make your potential buyer to buy your services or products as credit card is the commonly used payment method.

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Interview with Co-founders of Envato

Below is the interview video with Collis and Cyan Ta’eed the co-founder of a startup company based in Australia named Envato. Envato is a company that runs several tutorial sites, marketplace and community sites such as Tut+ Network, Envato Marketplace, FreelanceSwitch and many more.

In this interview they told us how they started Envato websites from the beginning until they succeeded, see the videos below:

Ideas: Business Card Sticker as Marketing Tool

Guy Kawasaki from AllTop and the guys from Sticker Giant have an interesting idea on how a business card should be made. Recently Guy ordering new business card from Sticker Giant with the idea to combine his company’s logo and business card as a marketing tool. The idea resulted as a sticker business card, which quite cool as business card and also as marketing tool.

For more information you can visit Sticker Giant’s website here: Sticker Giant