Microsoft LifeCam Cinema the First Widescreen High Definition Webcam

Microsoft hardware just released news that they will soon launch the first webcam that support widescreen 720p sensor. This HD webcam is targeted for home users and family that more and more using social media such as Facebook and Youtube to share home videos.

As today’s widescreen monitor, widescreen laptop and flat screen TV become standard, the common webcam that we use is now feel insufficient to deliver good video quality. The systems engineers for Microsoft hardware see this trend and start to working on LifeCam Cinema about a year ago.

When we started working on LifeCam Cinema almost a year ago, we were motivated by the fact that new computer displays were predominantly widescreen and top social networking sites were allowing widescreen video

– Stuart Milton, systems engineer for Microsoft Hardware.

LifeCam Cinema

LifeCam Cinema

LifeCam Cinema comes with native 720p sensor and can delivers high definition widescreen video capture at 16:9. It also have Auto Focus feature to keep the video sharp in a room range and as close as 4 inch from the webcam. The new Microsoft’s ClearFrame technology in this webcam helps the image processing run faster and reduce noise in the video. This webcam also have a wide angle video capture range at 74 degrees.

LifeCam Cinema will easily integrate with Microsoft Live Movie Maker to make users able to edit photos and video into movie at ease. Second software that can be used by users is Microsoft Live Photo Gallery that enables users to edit and upload photos easily.

The new webcam will be available in September and priced at US$ 79.95, we’ll update you when it is available, so make sure you subscribe to our RSS to receive news updates.

Microsoft Press release:

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